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Flood Warning
Issued: 9:32 PM CST Feb. 23, 2018 – National Weather Service

The Flood Warning continues for
the Mississippi River at Vicksburg
* from Friday March 02 to Sunday March 18.
* At 9:00 PM Friday the stage was 35.7 feet.
* Moderate flooding is forecast.
* Flood stage is 43.0 feet.
* Forecast... the river will rise above flood stage Friday March 02
and will continue to rise to near 47.1 feet Monday March 12. The
river will fall below flood stage Sunday March 18.
* Impact... at 46.8 feet... letourneau technologies experiences flooding
problems. Vicksburg floodwallgate number 7 at lumber yard is
* Impact... at 46.5 feet... portions of Highway 465, Eagle Lake Road and
several houses are underwater. Portions of letourneau Road in south
Vicksburg are flooded.
* Impact... at 46.0 feet... water level reaches the grain bins at the
bunge grain facility.
* Impact... at 45.2 feet... Vicksburg floodwall gate at south street is
* Impact... at 45.0 feet... Ford and Kings subdivision at Williams
street begin to flood.
* Impact... at 44.6 feet... residence on Williams street in Vicksburg
begins to flood.
* Impact... at 44.0 feet... Ford and Kings subdivision at Pittman Road
and mary's alley begins to flood.
* Impact... at 43.5 feet... Long Lake subdivision is completely flooded.
Vicksburg floodwall gates at train depot and the lumber yard gate 8
are closed.
* Impact... at 43.0 feet... Jackson Lane in north Vicksburg begins to
* Impact... at 42.0 feet... bunge grain facility near St. Joseph
Louisiana ceases loading operations. Chickasaw Road is going under
water just west of Chickasaw community.
* Impact... at 41.5 feet... water reaches the slab of the first
structure in the Chickasaw bayou subdivision.
* Impact... at 41.2 feet... Long Lake Road is under water starting where
the low Road to the island takes off south. Access to Long Lake
community requires a boat. Chickasaw Road GOES under water just
west of the Chickasaw community.
* Impact... at 41.0 feet... the storm water drain valves are closed at
the flood gates along the Vicksburg water front.
* Impact... at 40.5 feet... Shady Lane drive becomes impassable. Long
Lake Road becomes impassable just north of Cypress drive.
* Impact... at 39.5 feet... the Long Lake Road to Eagle Lake Road
becomes impassable about 1 mile north of the Long Lake community.
* Impact... at 38.8 feet... the Vicksburg floodwall gate at Crawford
street is closed.
* Impact... at 36.5 feet... water begins to affect the Long Lake
community. The low Road to Kings Island becomes impassable.
* Impact... at 35.0 feet... several thousand acres of farm,
agricultural, and bottom land flood. In the Yazoo backwater area
north of the city, hunting camps and forested land begin to flood.

              Flood observed forecast 6 am crest
location stg stg day time Sat sun Mon crest time date

Lower Mississippi River
Vicksburg 43 35.7 Fri 09 PM 36.2 37.6 38.6 47.1 01 PM 03/12

Lat... Lon 3193 9129 3227 9105 3277 9123 3278 9101
      3226 9086 3187 9114

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