Northeast Goes From Record Lows to Record Highs in Four Days as Temperatures Rise More Than 60 Degrees

Brian Donegan
Published: February 7, 2019
Dots on the map denote cities that set or tied daily record-high temperatures Monday, Feb. 4, 2019.

Parts of the East that saw record-low temperatures last Wednesday and Thursday set record highs early this week, and more record warmth is likely through Thursday in areas that were shivering less than a week ago.

Lows were in the single digits above and below zero last Wednesday and Thursday morning across much of the Northeast, which set or tied daily record lows in some cities.

Buffalo, New York, tied its daily record low of minus 3 last Wednesday. Mansfield, Ohio, set daily record lows last Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures of minus 10 and minus 7, respectively. Philadelphia's low of 7 degrees last Wednesday also set a record low for the date.

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Actual low temperatures Jan. 30-31, 2019.

Fast-forward four or five days and it was a much different story.

Daily record highs were set or tied in more than a dozen cities in the Northeast Monday afternoon as temperatures soared into the 50s and 60s.

Buffalo, New York (59 degrees); Manchester, New Hampshire (62 degrees); Mansfield, Ohio (58 degrees); Syracuse, New York (61 degrees); and Scranton, Pennsylvania (59 degrees), were among the cities that matched or exceeded record highs for Feb. 4.

Actual high temperatures Monday, Feb. 4, 2019.

What's more astounding is that Monday's high temperatures were more than 60 degrees higher than the low temperatures just four days prior.

Mansfield, Ohio, went from a low of minus 7 last Thursday to a high of 58 degrees Monday, a temperature rise of 65 degrees.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, was 64 degrees warmer Monday afternoon (59 degrees) than last Thursday morning (minus 5 degrees).

Syracuse, New York, saw a temperature rise of 63 degrees over that four-day span, from minus 2 last Thursday to 61 degrees Monday.

At least two dozen more daily record highs were set in parts of the East on Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon, Boston tied its daily record high for the date of 65 degrees. Portland, Maine, crushed its daily record high for the date of 51 degrees as temperatures soared to 62 degrees. Washington D.C. reached 74 degrees Tuesday, breaking the old daily record high of 70 degrees.

Boston's high on Tuesday was 60 degrees warmer than its low of 5 degrees last Thursday. Washington D.C. topped out 64 degrees warmer on Tuesday than its low of 10 degrees from last Thursday.

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This warm February weather is expected to continue in the South and East into Thursday due to a northward bulge in the jet stream over the eastern United States.

Many locations will see temperatures 15 to 30 degrees above average in the South, Ohio Valley and East. Highs will climb into the 50s as far north as the Mason-Dixon line, with lower 60s as far north as Washington D.C. On Thursday, 70-degree temperatures could push as far northward as West Virginia.

Dozens of daily record highs and record-warm low temperatures could be tied or broken across the South and East through Thursday.

Forecast Highs

Temperatures will turn colder Friday into the weekend, but are expected to be within a few degrees of average for early February.

This will not be an arctic blast like the one experienced last week, but it most certainly won't be as warm as it is now, so try to get outdoors on your lunch break while the spring-like weather is still here.

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